Monday, September 28, 2015

Colorful Painted Dresser With DecoArt

At last!! I am finished with my first painted dresser project. I got this dresser for my baby nursery over 24 years ago. There is no way I will ever get rid of it, so it just got a happy colorful make-over. The old handles were ugly brassy things with some kind of ornate plate behind them. I HAD to change them!! The holes for the handles on the bottom two drawers are 2 1/2 inches apart. After searching far and wide for simple black wire handle pulls, I discovered that the only available handle pulls that mount at that size are those half cup style pulls, which I did not want, nor did I want to pay $5 each for. I also did not want to use two knobs instead of handles, but it is what I ended up doing, for now, because I do not want to drill new holes either. Please let me know if you think it sucks like that. :) My other plan to use two glass doorknobs from my Nana's old house for the top drawer, which only has knobs and not handles, did not work out for me either.  The issue is the extra piece of wood on the front of the top drawer. I was not able to find screws to fit the holes that were also long enough to go through the glass knobs and the wood. Soooo...I ended up using some square black knobs with spirals on them that I got at Hobby Lobby for 1.50 each (during the week that knobs and handles are on sale 50% off). They are black and they have spirals, so i thought they were ok. I primed the dresser first with Zinsser Bullseye 123 primer, then painted the base coats with DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics, except for the pink, which is Neon Pink Patio Paint, also by DecoArt. I also used the Patio Paint for the flowers, rectangles, and circles with hearts in them. I like this paint a lot because it has very good coverage and it flows nicely. I used DecoArt Media Gesso in white before painting on the shapes. For the black and white areas, I used DecoArt Gesso in black under the Black Tie Multi-Surface Satin to help with coverage in less coats. All outlining and doodling was done with Painters paint pens. Finally, I coated the whole thing in Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish, except the top, which I decided to leave as it is, since it has a nice clear coat on it and I think it is some sort of laminate. I may change my mind and paint it black and white later. Thanks for looking, and leave me a comment if you think I should paint the top or not :)

Here is a close up of one of the knobs I ended up using, and a picture of the glass knobs from my Nana's house, along with the old knobs from the dresser...

and here are the supplies I used for this project...



Friday, September 4, 2015

Dollhouse Shelf Makeover with DecoArt®

While searching for dollhouses on craigslist, I found this dollhouse shelf that I thought would make great storage for my new art room. It is solid wood and had a pretty thick coat of glossy white paint on it, so rather than sand and repaint, I decided to cover it with Gelli® prints. I made all the prints using DecoArt Americana® Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics and the Americana® Neon Acrylic paints. Instead of using the"deli" paper that is so popular, all my prints were done on wax paper and parchment paper from the Dollar Tree, which was awesome because it took a LOT of prints to cover this. I have had no success finding sheets of deli paper locally so that's why I tried the $1 wax and parchment paper initially and it works great. I had some Reynolds wax paper, but it seemed so waxy I was afraid the paint would not stick to it since wax is a resist. The stuff from the dollar store does not have much wax on it, just enough to make it easy to work with in collages and the parchment paper is a bit more sturdy. The Americana® Multi-Surface paints were fantastic on the printing plate!! They were super easy to spread and did not leave stains as some craft paints do. I used DecoArt Americana® Decoupage Matte to stick the prints on and then painted the edges of the shelf with the same paints I used for the prints, with the addition of the Neon Pink Patio Paint by DecoArt®. I love love love neon pink paint, and this Patio Paint has fabulous coverage!!! A lot of neon paints tend to be on the transparent side, so I cannot wait to try the other colors of Patio Paint by DecoArt®. For the edges of the scallops on top, I used the Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic in Black Tie, after a coat of DecoArt Media® Black Gesso to help with coverage. The stencils I used to make the monoprints are by... DecoArt - Americana Decor® Honeywire, Americana® Dangles and Oopsy Daisy, and The Crafters Workshop® -  Circle Explosion. All the stamps used are handmade by me using either dollar store erasers or craft foam. I am working on getting a big black backdrop so I can get better pictures of my colorful stuff, but for now, here it is...hope you like it!!  Oh, and I also found my first dollhouse on craigslist that same day!! It will be getting a DecoArt® makeover as well. I will be posting about that and about my new art room soon :)

Here are the DecoArt® products I used for this project, and a few of the prints that were cut up but not harmed :)